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Upholding his commitment to provide the best medical aesthetic treatments available, Dr. Mark Frahm at Evolution Med Spa of Naperville in Naperville, Illinois recommends laser-like lipo for fat loss. This FDA-cleared treatment addresses those diet- and exercise-resistant deposits of fat on your thighs, tummy, and other problem areas without a single surgical incision. Call Evolution Med Spa today for an appointment, or try the convenient online scheduling service.

Lipo Laser Q & A

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What is laser-like lipo?

Laser-like lipo uses advanced red laser-light technology to melt away unwanted fat accumulation. It’s fast and convenient with none of the drawbacks of other, more costly and invasive procedures. It’s often referred to as laser liposuction because of the cellulite reduction and fast, size-slimming results it offers.

How does laser-like lipo reduce fat?

Eating properly and exercising regularly helps you lose weight by triggering your body to release the fatty acids, lipids, and other substances stored inside your fat cells. This causes the fat cells to shrink in size so you lose inches as well as pounds.

Because you have three types of fat cells in your body that release their content at different rates, you can lose weight over most of your body but retain small pockets of stubborn fat. These fatty deposits typically occur in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips, and arms.

Laser-like lipo works on the same principle as diet and exercise but can be targeted at a specific area and works at a much faster rate. As the laser energy is applied to problem areas, it moves harmlessly through the skin and stimulates the underlying fat cells to release their contents quickly. Your body’s natural disposal system then removes the expelled substance as waste.

What are the advantages of laser-like lipo compared to other treatments?

Laser-like lipo offers outstanding results without surgery or long recovery times. In clinical studies, more than 95% of participants who received laser-like lipo treatments reported successful fat reduction in 30 days or less. Clients at Evolution Med Spa have noted losses of 7-23 inches within 42 days.

Because it can target very specific locations, laser-like lipo offers real solutions for excess fat on the:

  • Arms, especially those problem areas that jiggle when you wave
  • Back and bra-strap regions prone to developing rolls of fat
  • Inner and outer thighs, common problem areas for women and men
  • Waist and flanks where “love handles” often develop
  • Abdomen, as an alternative to surgical liposuction for the areas near the belly button

Because it’s a noninvasive, nonsurgical fat loss remedy, there are no incisions or scars, and no bruising or swelling to deal with following the procedure. There’s no recovery time, and you can return to work and other activities immediately after a session.

*Individual results may vary.


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